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Golf Simulation software demands a lot from your PC. You'll need a PC with a powerful processor and a dedicated Graphics Processor Unit (GPU).

Hybrid Me have taken this complexity away and have specified a PC that will have all the power you need.

All components can be upgraded at a later stage or at the point of order should you require additional features such as higher spec graphics card or SSD.

The HybridMe Golf Simulation/Gaming PC comes with a spec including:-

Desktop Tower Unit with cooling

Windows 10 64-bit Home

5 yr warranty


NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/2070

Latest Generation i5/i7 CPU

2TB hard disk

250GB SSD​

A laptop is available for an additional surcharge if portability is required.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will create a specification that will meet your needs with accessories including bluetooth, wireless, wireless keyboard, HDMI cables, touchscreen monitor etc.  


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