A choice of screens to fit your needs.

As a specialist on Golf Simulation components we offer 2 types of impact screen material.

TYPE1 - Sold with reinforced edges and eyelets every 50cm. A durable archery baffle budget option with reinforced edges and eyelets on all 4 sides. Ideal for a first build or where you value durability above image quality. Very good for Golf Simulation but the image will be more coarse for sports, movies and gaming. Available in custom size - made to order (lead time approx 14 days)

We also offer a premium option providing a top quality image quality. This material is available as raw material only that can be fitted very easily using tarp clips and bungee chords.

TYPE3 (RAW - no eyelets) - Best Screen we've seen and used - and the best screen we sell. A thicker material, low noise, little bounce back and offering an excellent image.

Ideal for multi purpose usage including home cinema, Sports, gaming and racing.

Typically mounted using tarp clips. Material is 3.1m wide and sold per linear meter.

Click here to see the TYPE3 screen in our own simulator showing the fantastic 4K image quality.

Important notes on Type 3 screens:

  • We only cut the length - Type 3 screen material width is approximately 310cm - you simply specify the length.

  • Cuts are approximate so please do not understand the length required (excess material can easily be folded behind the screen when gripping with tarp clips. 

  • There are manufacturing marks/holes within 1" on each side of the 310cm width.

Please check out the FAQ below for Safety, Use and Care recommendations.

When looking for screens, whether using your SkyTrak, GC2, Trackman, Flightscope or any other launch monitor please contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide recommendations for you either within the products we sell or through other suppliers if this will be a better fit for your needs.




There are many different ways to mount the screen:-

  • Around a steel frame using tarp clips and bungee chords for tensioning

  • On a curtain rail

  • Fixed directly to the wall using a wooden baton.

General guidelines are to tension/fix the screen so that it is flat but loose. If you tighten the screen too much you will increase risk of bounce back but also additional wear.

Whatever method you use do not put anything behind the screen that may get damaged as a ball may go through the

screen at the end of the screen’s lifespan.

Adding a further material behind the screen such as high impact netting, archery screen, blanket, memory foam topper will all help the screen to absorb any impact, reducing noise and maximising the lifespan of the material as well as offering additional protection should you eventually hit a golf ball through the screen.

Please also ensure that you leave plenty of room behind your screen to allow the material to absorb the impact of shots without any risk or ricochet or rebound. 12-18" is a general guideline but is dependent on how you set the screen.


  • Please make sure golf balls do not have ANY damage cracks, scrapes or any markings. Also avoid golf balls like Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis as these can transfer coloured marks onto the screen (though they're great for outdoor golf). 

  • Impact screens will show wear with use, however, they are designed to take the impact of several thousands strikes from real golf balls.

  • Some suppliers recommend avoiding Pro V1 golf balls. It is your decision what golf balls to use (I use Pro V1) but please recognise that higher spinning golf balls are likely to reduce the lifespan of the screen.

  • Check screen regularly for wear, should you find any wear that may turn into a hole/tear, discontinue use or if your screen setup allows you may be able to rotate the screen and get another period of use out of it (ensuring the damaged section does not pose any safety risk.

  • Another suggestion for prolonging the life of a screen is to have an additional section of material that can be hung down the hitting area during prolonged practice sessions. This will ensure that the majority of wear and tear is on a cheaper, easily replaceable section of material - reserving the screen behind for entertainment, course practice or any other occasion. This is not necessary, of course - simply an option if you choose to do so.


Please make sure to take proper safety precautions. Hybrid Me is not responsible for damage to property &/or personal injury.

  • Do ensure there is nothing behind your screen that could be damaged. Additional netting/material can provide a secondary barrier offering protection if/when you eventually punch a ball through the screen at the end of the screen's lifespan.

  • Ensure you leave plenty of space behind the screen to allow the screen to flex and absorb the impact ​without any risk of ricochet. Adding additional material behind the screen to help dampen the shot can help where required.

  • Please ensure that whatever mounting method you use that you protect from any shots that may go above or to the side of your screen and could hit your fixings or ricochet off any steel frame, for example. The top bar above the screen is one of those areas that requires protection if you are using a steel frame and have a possibility of wedges impacting above your screen.

  • Use ceiling or side netting/curtain/padding to protect from any errant shots.


Due to the size of screens the screen material has to be folded for shipping.
- Despite the folds in the screen material once you have a busy image on screen the majority of these folds will be far less visible.
- Should you wish to tackle the creases then the use of steam with some kind of cloth over the steamer can be effective. Only use a low setting to prevent any melting or burning of the material.
Please test on an inconspicuous area first.


We are unable to offer warranty and refunds on the raw material due to all the variables beyond our control however Hybrid Me will always try to resolve any issues you have in a fair and honest manner.

Impact screens can last from 6 months to many years depending on the use and care.

Any warranty claim will be handled at the sole discretion of Hybrid Me.