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What do our customers say about us?

At our golf club, some members came up with a notion to use some of our space for a golf simulator. Initially this seemed to be a far-fetched, expensive idea but after speaking to Phil it quickly became a reality.

The advice from Phil was very pragmatic and tailored to our situation and we purchased all the key components through Phil. The overall cost at the end of the day was considerably less than £6k as we had the space and were able to do all the construction ourselves.

We now have a fantastic training aid that our pro uses for lessons and during the winter, we ran a competition in which we visited a different course each week.

We are only a small club but we now have facilities that rival those of the large prestigious clubs. This would never have become a reality without the generous support and encouragement from Phil.

Alastair Walker, Bridgend & District Golf Club

Phil helped me with my simulator build and I bought my PC and launch monitor through HYBRIDME. He was always available and happy to talk through all the options, gave forthright advice and was very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of hardware and software options. His enthusiasm for the game is obvious. 

I am very happy with my simulator set up now and the tech that Phil sold me works very well. (And it didn't break the bank either). I am still amazed that I am able to play golf in what used to be my garage. Bye bye to freezing and trudging around in the wet this winter. I can also tell my real life game has improved dramatically. I have shot my best ever round outdoors only 6 weeks after owning my sim. Being able to practice at a moment's notice at home cannot fail to improve ballstriking.

I'm one happy sim golfer! 

Tesh - Home Golf Simulator

Having received quotes of more than £35,000 for a bespoke home golf simulator I contacted Hybrid Me and was given friendly and helpful advice on how I could design my own golf simulator at a fraction of the cost. I purchased my PC, projector, monitor, screen and netting through Hybrid Me, with help installing and using the software and I have no hesitation in recommending Hybrid Me. Phil always offered the best professional advice but equally important did so with enthusiasm to achieve the very best result.

P. Hopkins - Home Golf Simulator