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At Hybrid Me we strive to provide customers with the most capable and affordable products. 

We'll provide informative reviews and make it easier to design and build a Golf Simulator to fit your budget. 

Please check out the Hybrid Me testimonials and product demonstrations and reviews and please get in touch if we can be of any assistance.

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4th April, 2020

SKYTRAK Out of Stock - awaiting further information from SkyTrak on when new stock is due. You can still place orders on the SkyGolf website and they will be fulfilled as and when stock is available on a first come first served basis. Please use coupon code HYBRIDME250 during promotions and HYBRIDME outside of that.

January 10, 2020

We've rebuilt our DIY showcase simulator and documented the design in a series of videos on YouTube

January 8, 2020

Following the redesign of the Hybrid Me Simulator we've got a whole range of used and seconds screens and mats at bargain prices.

January 1, 2025

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HYBRID ME sell a small selection of tried and tested products for golf simulation.

Don't buy blindly, check out our video reviews or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor


The most affordable Launch Monitor in the market today.

Hybrid Me is an official showcase dealer for the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, a critical component of your affordable golf simulator. £250 OFF purchases until 30th April 2020 - use code HYBRIDME250 at Skygolf checkout in UK or HYBRIDME280 at Skygolf checkout in Europe. Please use code HYBRIDME  outside of promotions.

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Firm Stance with great feeling hitting strip 

At Hybrid Me we love golf mats. We've tried a lot of them over the years including Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat®, TrueStrike, Fiberbuilt and a variety of tee turfs and we now stock a range of mats that in our opinion offer the best combination of feel, performance and value.

Different sizes (most mats can easily be cut down to custom size, where required)

  • 1.5m x 1.5m mats for use as stance and/or hitting surface.

  • 0.3m x 1.2m hitting strips/inserts for inserting a hitting strip inside your flooring or for pairing up alongside a firm, stance area.

Different surfaces

  • T35 is a tee turf(accepts a real tee) that feals great and will punish fat shots but without punishing your body. It is not too dense meaning it is less snaggy and the hitting area softens over time making the hitting surface love to hit through, especially for anyone who suffers from elbow/joint pain due to overuse of very very unforgiving surfaces. The downside is that the less dense surface means the hitting area shows a wear pattern quite quickly. Please check out the Hybrid Me flooring videos to learn more.

  • T40 is an alternative tee turf that is a little more dense than T35 but still retains a lovely feel for hitting off and putting on. T40 is more durable than T35 so will not show the same wear in the hitting area and so is probably more suitable for most golfers, particularly with launch monitors like SKyTrak where you must hit all shots from the same spot. It is also an ideal surface for commercial usage.

  • Range mats - in addition to the two tee turf options Hybrid Me have a selection of range mats that have a shorter pile, are more forgiving on fat/heavy shots, although do offer more bounce from steep angle of attacks due to the shorter pile.

  • Stance mats - Some golfers prefer a firmer stance area than a softer tee turf and that's where a range mat provides an ideal stance area and can be paired up alongside a T35 or T40 hitting strip/mat to give the best of both worlds.

Learn more below, including pricing and please get in touch for advice on which mat would be best suited for your needs.



A choice of screens to fit your needs.

We offer budget and premium screen material based upon your needs.

Durability? Bounce-back? Image Quality? Even noise is an important consideration if you are playing late at night.

Please check out the link below for further information.



Protect your ceiling or walls from damage

With golf balls travelling at up to 180mph or more it is essential to make sure that your golf simulator enclosure is a safe environment.
High Impact enclosure netting can be a cheap and effective way to protect the ceiling or walls from ricochets and avoid damage from lofted wedges, skied drivers or the dreaded shank.
You may also want to add impact netting for additional protection behind your impact screen.

Gaming desktop or laptop


Gaming PC for Golf Simulation

A tablet or phone might work just fine for some practice but full simulation software requires a high end gaming PC.
We can supply PCs with all the accessories you need to take away the risk of choosing the wrong components.



Why not discuss your project?

There are many different designs for a golf simulator depending on budget.

  • Commercial screen kit

  • DIY freestanding steel enclosure

  • Sim enclosure in a box

  • DIY tensioned wire design

We can give you ideas, help you source components like metal tubing, steel rope, shackles, carbine hooks, bungees, tarp clips, artificial grass, impact screens, mats and all the technology components too.

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