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Design your own golf simulator with choice of components to meet your budget.

Build a full golf simulator

If you have a dedicated space for your simulator at in your garage, basement, living room, outbuilding, or driving range then we can design a simulator around your budget.

The choice of projector, screen, netting, mat, PC, Launch Monitor, Software can be made based upon your budget and requirements so you do not pay more than you need to for your simulator.
HYBRID ME can provide the PC, Projector, Launch Monitor, mat, netting and screen for you using tried and tested components.

Minimum entry to golf simulation

Forget the sim room, projector and impact net. With just a Launch Monitor like SkyTrak, tablet or PC, practice mat and net you could be playing golf courses around the world and participating on a world tour with the same level of accuracy as a full simulator room.

Luxury Golf Studio and cinema room

Got room in your garden for a luxury golf studio/cinema room?

If you have room in your garden, why not build your own dedicated golf studio and home cinema? The golf simulator can be designed with home cinema in mind ensuring that the choice of projector and screen with a carefully designed layout can meet the needs of your full family.

When we design a simulator, we look carefully at your requirements and budget to ensure you get what you need. The Hybrid Me designs are modular ensuring that you can start at an entry level and upgrade components at a later stage if you wish.
Please get in touch to discuss options.