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Impact Screens (prices shown are approx and indicative for 4m(w) and 3.1m(h)

We provide 3 different Impact Screen materials to suit your needs and budgets.

Price is subject to size.

Type 3 - A luxury Impact Screen - the best screen we have and the screen we use for our own simulator. It's a thick, quiet impact screen material with a lovely image quality that is also quite easy to hang as the thick material has some resilience and can be mounted quickly and easily using tarp clips. Sold as RAW material with no eyelets. The material is 3.1m wide so is priced per linear meter.

Type 1 - An archery grade baffle screen that is extremely durable, low noise and bounceback with reinforced hems and eyelets every 30cm. Image quality is "good enough" for golf, but there is light bleed and not ideal for sports, movies or gaming.

Type 2 - A thinner material premium impact Screen with superior image quality and contrast, ideal for multi purpose use as a cinema/gaming screen - sold as raw material with no eyelets, designed to be mounted using tarp clips and bungees. This screen is a little louder with a "thud" from golf ball impacts.


If we understand your requirements then we will be glad to recommend the best screen for your needs.


    Screens available in custom sizes.

    Price varies according to material specification and size.


    If you are not happy with the screen or image quality please get in touch and we will work with you to resolve your issues through replacement of the screen with an alternative material or a refund, if required.


    Due to the weight of the screens we can provide a variety of shipping options. As the majority of customers require a screen approaching 3m in height we cannot avoid folding the material in order provide a low-cost courier quotation.

Material Type