New Type3S Premium Impact Screen Material (RAW - no eyelets)

New Type3S Premium Impact Screen Material (RAW - no eyelets)

Type 3S - Luxury Impact Screen - the best screen we have and the screen we will use for our own simulator. Retaining all the great characteristics of the Type 3 screen material the new Type 3S material is a thick, quiet impact screen material with a lovely image quality that is also easy to hang as the thick material has some resilience and can be mounted quickly and easily using tarp clips. Sold as RAW material with no eyelets. The material is approx 3.07m wide and is priced per linear meter - (£600 for a 4m x 3.1m) sheet of material.


Please contact us to discuss your impact screen requirements. If we understand your requirements then we will be glad to recommend the best screen for your needs.

  • Available Sizes

    Screens available in custom sizes.

    Type 3 luxury screen material is 3.1m x [length specified]


    If you are not happy with the screen or image quality please get in touch and we will work with you to resolve your issues through replacement of the screen with an alternative material or a refund, if required.


    Due to size of the screens the screen material is carefully folded and packaged before shipping. Both Type 1 and Type 3 screens are quite resistent to creasing and any stubborn creases from Type 3 screens can be carefully removed using a fabric clothes steamer. If doing so - please follow the Impact Screen care/use guide that is referenced in all quotations.